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    Hi, we're Tina and Jay

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    Mmmmm, a real treat, French fries in France, ooo la la!

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    Mmmmmm, dinner with friends. We're eating the best part, dessert!

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    Tina's birthday celebration, with Jay and her parents...mmmmm, cupcakes!

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    Tina and Jay, goofing around with...Goofy, on a trip to Disneyland

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    Jay and his niece and nephew smile for a birthday photo, before digging into a fudgy chocolate cake

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    Reading time with Tina, Keira and Sam (our friends' two children)

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    My close cousin Daniel (who is adopted) surprises me with a hug

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    Tina is serving a Passover favorite, her grandmother's chicken soup and matzah balls

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    Our friend Steve, takes a picture of us all cross-country skiing at Bear Mountain



Hi, we are Tina and Jay. We write to you today in hope and gratitude, to give you a sense of who we are as people and as a couple, and to express our deep desire to raise a child. Thank you so much for reading this letter and for considering us as potential adoptive parents.

We both grew up in homes with a lot of warmth, guidance, opportunity, play and a sense that our parents loved us more than anything in the world. Coming from such families, both of us have long wanted to become parents ourselves and pass along this same love and zest for life to a child of our own. When we discovered that we couldn't have a baby the traditional way, there wasn't a moment's hesitation in knowing that adoption was our answer.

Our Lives Today
We live in Palo Alto, California and own a three-bedroom home with a big backyard in a friendly, safe neighborhood, already filled with children. We're just a short walk from parks, playgrounds, schools and libraries and, better yet, just two blocks from the home of Tina's parents, who are eager to become grandparents.

We are blessed in so many ways: our strong love for each other, healthy lifestyles, secure jobs that we both enjoy, a house in a friendly community, enduring friendships, and the love and support of our families. Best of all, we really enjoy each other's company and spend virtually all of our free time together. All that's missing is a child, with whom to share our love.

Tina plans to be the child's primary caregiver. Jay intends to be a very active and involved parent as well, and plans on taking significant time off during the early months of our child's life to help establish early family bonds. In other words, raising a child will be the number one priority in our lives.
Tina's Background & Parenting Approach
I grew up in New Jersey. As an only child, I always had a close relationship with my parents. We talked about everything, and from the earliest age I was encouraged to express my thoughts, desires, interests and frustrations. If we saw things differently, we would discuss my view, they would explain theirs, and their decisions always seemed fair to me. I'd like to have a similar relationship with my child, in which I listen to their views respectfully and openly, yet make the final decisions based on the wisdom I've gained as an adult.

I believe that raising a child requires guidance, patience and maturity, and that children rise to the expectations others set for them. I was always encouraged to pursue my interests, whether they were sports, music, art, or any other activity that I enjoyed. My parents introduced me to a variety of activities, pursuits and life experiences, and then followed my lead and allowed me to set my own path. I intend to do the same thing. I am eager to discover what makes my child's heart sing! As a mother, I will endow my child with love, support, confidence, good judgment, and a sense that anything is possible if they believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their goals.

In addition to learning so much from my own parents, I later spent many years studying child development. I earned a psychology degree from Dartmouth College and a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University. Currently I work for a small communications consulting firm that has been recognized as one of the best in the country by Working Mother magazine. I work primarily from my home office and intend to work part-time once a child joins our family. While I am working, my parents will provide child care.
Jay's Background & Parenting Approach
I grew up in California, and my parents have been married for nearly 50 years. My brother and I were fortunate to live in a household that was the neighborhood hub, where kids from the block would gather for sports, games and other fun. My dad was our sports coach, and my mom was the Cub Scout Den Mother. Their love was strong, and they taught me to be a thoughtful, generous and responsible person. I was expected to apply myself in school and respect my elders, and at the same time, I was encouraged to have fun, play sports and take on unfamiliar challenges. As a father, I will teach these same values to my child.

I was fortunate that my family owns a summer cottage on Bass Lake, in California's Sierra foothills. Going there every summer gave me a profound appreciation for water and mountains, as well as an affinity for outdoor sports in general. As a father, I hope to share my love for the natural world, outdoor activities, and a curiosity about the world at large.

Professionally, I love what I do. I work as the Vice President of Finance at an online health insurance company, whose goal is to bring affordable health insurance to the uninsured. I've been in my current job for ten years and I share this information to illustrate that I am hardworking, trustworthy and a solid provider. As a father, I will ensure that my child is secure and has every opportunity to learn, grow and fulfill his or her potential. I can't wait to be a dad!
Our Shared Vision as a Family

We imagine creating a loving, healthy home environment that provides our child with rich opportunities to learn about life and the world through family trips, lessons, sports and the arts. As we mentioned, Tina's parents live two blocks away, and would be a daily presence in the life of their grandchild. Jay's parents also live in California, and spend time with us regularly, too. Once we have adopted our child, some of the things we plan on doing as a family (at an age-appropriate time in the child's life) include:

- Walking together to the Farmer's Market on Sunday morning to buy fresh, organic produce, then stopping by the park on the way home to play and enjoy a picnic lunch.

- Spending days at the beach, flying kites, watching the sea lions and building sand castles.

-Going to the children's zoo and children's theater - both right down the street from us.

- Taking regular trips to the nearby Stanford art museum and its famous outdoor sculpture garden, providing an early appreciation for art and culture.

- Attending outdoor community concerts hosted by Palo Alto, which offer children the chance to play with each other and dance.

- Traveling to nearby San Francisco to visit the science museum, strolling through Chinatown and watching the ships passing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

- Joining our neighbors to block off our cul-de-sac for a block party, so the kids can ride Big Wheels in the street, run three-legged races and the parents can barbeque.

- Teaching the joy of sports - both individual and on a team, such as tennis, soccer, and bicycling.

- Playing board games together as a family

- Jay and I love to play cribbage and word games such as Boggle, Scattergories & Pictionary.

- Going up to Lake Tahoe, in the Sierras, to play in the snow, cross-country ski and build a snowman.

- Spending time at Bass Lake with Jay's family - waterskiing, exploring Yosemite National Park, fishing in small ponds and streams and frolicking in the water.

Traveling widely to faraway cities such as London, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong, to give our child exposure to different cultures, endow them with confidence and empower them with a spirit of adventure that will last a lifetime. These are just some of the activities we envision; others will be guided by our child's developing interests and passions.

We recognize that while structure is very important in a child's life, so is freedom, time to daydream and the desire to explore. We want our child to have the best childhood imaginable - including learning life's lessons - and will do everything we can to make that a reality.

In terms of faith, Jay and I both believe in God, and plan to share our beliefs in a loving and supportive way. Most important, we will teach our child to be a good person and treat everyone - no matter what their background - with dignity and respect. We plan to provide all the love, guidance, support and self-confidence that's humanly possible, so that they can pursue their dreams in life, whatever those dreams might be, and find joy in the pursuit.

Our Gratitude for Your Consideration
We know this may be a challenging time in your life, and that deciding who will adopt your baby is an enormous decision. Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents. Please know that we will do our very best for your baby, so that as he or she grows through childhood and into adulthood, the world will be forever theirs in all its richness, beauty and possibility.

If you would like to meet us or have any questions whatsoever, please call or email us at: 650-539-9520 or Or, you can always contact us through Adoption Connection at 1-800-972-9225.


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