Adoptive Parent FAQ

Domestic Infant Adoption Program

Domestic Infant Adoption

What services can Adoption Connection provide for my family?
As a licensed full service agency we can:

  • • Conduct your adoption homestudy
  • • Consult with you to complete your Parent Profile (Dear Birthmother Letter)
  • • Help you find a birthmother and provide both you and her with support and counseling
  • • Guide you and the birthmother through the adoption process
  • • Handle arrangements for in-state or out-of-state adoptions
  • • Provide post-placement supervision (required by California State law)
  • • Assist you with the legal finalization of your adoption
  • • Supply both pre- and post-adoption support groups and workshops

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Where are you licensed to work with adoptive parents?
As an adoption agency in California, Adoption Connection works with birth mothers and their families throughout the United States.

We are licensed to work with adoptive parents in the following 19 counties in California:

  • Alameda County
  • Amador County
  • Contra Costa County
  • El Dorado County
  • Marin County
  • Napa County
  • Nevada County
  • Placer County
  • Sacramento County
  • San Francisco County
  • San Joaquin County
  • San Mateo County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • Solano County
  • Sonoma County
  • Sutter County
  • Yolo County
  • Yuba County


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Can I work with you if I live outside of your service area in California?
If you are a prospective adoptive parent, you must have your primary residence in one of the 19 counties in California listed above.

Pregnant women considering placing their baby for adoption can be from anywhere in the United States.

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What is an adoption home study and what is required to pass one?
An adoption home study is a written report required by California state law for individuals and couples who wish to adopt.

As a licensed nonprofit adoption agency in California, Adoption Connection provides home study only services for families working with attorneys and facilitators on their adoption. Call Christina DeLeon, our Homestudy Coordinator, directly at 415-359-2491 to learn more about the home study process and to request a home study application immediately.

Many families considering adoption are concerned that the home study process will be uncomfortable, and that getting "approved" or passing the home study will take many months. Not so! Adoption Connection's clients typically let us know after completing their home study that they felt more prepared to bring a baby into their home through adoption.

The home study process: gives Adoption Connection the opportunity to become familiar with clients' readiness to adopt, gives your caseworker a chance to provide support and education to you about the journey ahead, and helps families think through adoption-related issues and the responsibilities of parenting.

During a home study the family will provide:

  • • Autobiographical statements
  • • Employment and financial information
  • • Personal references
  • • Medical Reports for all family members
  • • Criminal background clearances

The home study will also consist of prearranged meetings, one at your home. 

Completing the home study process with Adoption Connection typically takes two to three months to complete.

If an adoptive family is expecting their birthmother to give birth very soon, an expedited adoption home study can be arranged. We will make sure that your homestudy is completed and you are legally prepared to adopt in any last-minute placement.

Every 12 months we request our home study approved families to complete updated criminal background clearances and medical reports to be prepared for any last-minute out-of-state adoption situations.

Click here to request a open adoption home study application.

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Does Adoption Connection complete out-of-state adoptions?
Yes, we have completed hundreds of adoptions throughout the United States and are very experienced. Many of the birthmothers we work with live throughout the country and find us through our Website. In 2011-2013, 65% of our adoptions occurred with birthmothers living in California and 35% lived and gave birth outside of California.

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Do you work with LGBT families?
Yes, Adoption Connection has been providing services to LGBT families since we opened our doors in 1984. In any given year LGBT families make up 20% - 25% of the adoptive families we serve. We recently received the All Children – All Families Agency Seal of Recognition from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

In California, same-sex couples can legally adopt together if the baby is born in the United States. 

In some states, the law is not as clear-cut and we work to make sure that our families adopting a child out-of-state are abiding by all state rules and regulations to ensure the adoption goes smoothly.

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How long do clients wait to bring a baby home from the hospital?
It usually takes clients a few months to complete their homestudy and put together their Dear Birthmother Letter or Parent Profile.

Our clients’ participating in our Birthmother Outreach Program wait an average of 15 months to take home a newborn. Some families will connect in a shorter time while others will wait longer. We believe there is a birth family out there for everyone.

Percentage of Families (2011-2013) Placed within:

6 months or less
6 - 12 months
12 - 18 months
18 - 24 months
24 - 30 months
24 - 36 months

Meet our families who adopted with the help of Adoption Connection's Birthmother Outreach Program: 2011 families Flickr Album, 2012 families Flickr Album and 2013 families Flickr Album.

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What is a Dear Birthmother Letter or Parent Profile, and how do I write one?
A parent profile is a letter that will help introduce you to a pregnant women considering adoption and her family.

Every adoptive family is unique. Adoption Connection will work with you one-on-one and guide you through the process of composing text, choosing photographs, and designing the best letter possible by giving you examples, recommendations, and instruction.

Families joining our Birthmother Outreach Program create a physical brochure (Dear Birthmother Letter) and also gain access to our online content management system so they can upload their letter to the Parent Profile section of our website.

When Adoption Connection starts working with a prospective birthmother, we will present these letters as a way for the birthmother to learn more about our families and choose the right family for her baby.

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How do birthparents find Adoption Connection?

  • • Our website -- organic search and online advertising
  • • A referral from a clinic, social service agency, or hospital social worker
  • • National classified advertising and Yellow Page listings
  • • Word of mouth
  • • Adoptive parents’ adoption networking and outreach strategies
  • • A third-party adoption agency or other adoption professional

Besides our website, many of our birthparent referrals result from our extensive outreach efforts to pregnancy counseling clinics, teen pregnancy programs, and other healthcare programs and social service organizations.

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What is included in Adoption Connection's Outreach Program?
Adoption Connection offers Birthmother Outreach Services as a means of matching our clients with potential birthmothers.

If you choose to participate in this service, Adoption Connection will present your parent profile to birthmothers who contact us, and whose preferences match yours.

The Birthmother Outreach Program includes:

  • • Assistance in writing your Parent Profile. Our clients work one-one-one with our experienced staff.
  • • A Parent Profile page on our website, making it easy for prospective birthmothers to find and connect with families directly

  • • National birthmother online marketing and advertising, including individual online advertising for your Parent Profile
  • • Screening, counseling, and case management of pregnant women considering adoption via phone, text, in-person visits, and email by our caseworkers.
  • • Presentation of your letter to prospective birthparent(s) whose preferences match yours
  • • Faciltated support groups for waiting adoptive families

In any given year Adoption Connection connects 65-80% of our outreach families with their birthfamilies. The remaining matches occur through the help of additional adoption professionals or through our clients’ own outreach strategies and social networking.

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What about gender preference?
Families who have chosen to participate in our Birthmother Outreach Program are open to adopting a healthy infant of either gender. 

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Do you complete trans-racial adoptions?
Yes, many of our adoptive families are open and excited to adopt a child of a different race/ethnicity than themselves. 

To prepare families, we require that they attend an educational workshop on trans-racial adoption.

Find the dates for our next Transracial Adoption Workshop.

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How many adoptions do you complete each year?
We average about 90-100 domestic placements per year. This includes placements where we worked as a cooperative agency liaison with other adoption agencies in out-of-area placements.

Our Birthmother Outreach Program completes 30-50 adoptions per year and we typically work with 80-100 waiting adoptive families in this program at any given time.

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Do you ever place toddlers or older children in adoptive homes?
Yes, occasionally. Since our domestic program specializes in infant adoption, we usually work with women who are pregnant or have just recently given birth. Occasionally, we work with a woman who wants to place a toddler or sibling voluntarily.

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Does Adoption Connection complete immediate hospital placements?
Yes, Adoption Connection receives calls from hospital social workers or birthmothers very soon, or right after, the birth of a baby. Adoptive parents who are interested in this type of instant placement are required to work fast in order to be prepared to take home a baby with very little notice.

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Does Adoption Connection ever complete closed adoptions?
Yes, rarely. As an adoption agency in California we can legally complete CLOSED adoptions. (Only licensed agencies can complete closed adoptions in California.) If we are working with a birthmother who desires a closed adoption, we will honor her request; the adoption will be completed without any identifying information exchanged between the birth and adoptive families.

In both closed and open adoptions, written biological and health information about mother and baby are obtained.

On average, we complete one to two closed adoptions per year—very few.

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Do I need an attorney if I work with Adoption Connection?
When you complete an agency adoption with a licensed adoption agency you do not need an attorney to complete your adoption and Adoption Connection does not require our clients to obtain an attorney.

However, if you need an attorney for work such as the termination of parental rights of a birth father during your adoption process, we will advise you of this. Every adoption is different. Some may require the work of an attorney and some will not.

If you choose to work with an adoption attorney or an adopton professional Adoption Connection would be happy to complete your homestudy only or other individual services in order to legally prepare for a new baby.

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How do I find out more?

Give us a call anytime at 415-359-2494 and ask to talk with one of our staff members about getting started on your adoption plan.

Come to our free Domestic Orientation to learn more about our services.

If you are unable to attend an orientation, an individual appointment can be arranged.

Click here to view the dates of upcoming domestic orientations.

Click here to request a open adoption home study application and additional information.

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